How Black Is Black?

What I like about Barack Obama is his ability to capture people’s hearts and minds just by talking. The cool headed dude from Chicago certainly has an amazing capacity to reach out and reach out far. Guess what? My mother called me all the way from India today morning, right after Obama’s speech, to tell me how thrilled she was to listen to him. She is completely convinced that the World is going to be a much better place, now that he has taken the reins of the most powerful nation on Earth.

It makes you think, doesn’t it? My mother, sitting in the other part of the World was inspired and thrilled by Obama’s call. Can you imagine the state of affairs here in the United States? Is it the charisma? Is it the energy? or is it just the simplicity? What he has successfully done is to transform the region and the World with the lights of hope. And, that ain’t no easy job.

I am convinced he will be a terrific President. He has the brains and the will to change the country and the World. He has the right people around him. And, last but not the least, he is a very shrewed politician. Did you guys notice how he mentioned about his ‘father’ twice during the inaugural speech? I do not recall any mention of his mother. Just so that we are all on the same ground, he was brought up by his mother’s side of the family and had hardly any contact with his father. Now, that’s what I mean by a shrewed politician. Go figure!

There is still one thing which I fail to understand. Obama grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, in a white family. And somehow he is treated as an ‘African-American’ because of one magical sperm? I am sorry, but his childhood was not in Bronx or Mississippi. To be fair, he is more white than black.

So, really, how black is black?

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8 Comments on “How Black Is Black?”

  1. rads Says:

    ah, had a feeling you’d write 🙂

    It’s the sperm alright, and perhaps teh association he continued building by choosing his spouse, but for the millions of African Americans who are grappling for a connection, that’s what it is.

    When I saw him today, I saw a confident capable African American who is very keen and aware of the entire world watching his every move and step. Under those watchful eyes, the man shoulders the hopes and dreams of a community that has suddenly been thrust into the limelight in significant novel ways.

    He’d do well, and he sure could use assurance 🙂

  2. vijay Says:

    DS… good to see you back from ‘blogging vanavasa’…
    The expectations are high…from the whole world…

  3. praneshachar Says:

    good see u back. can you send ur mail id please…………..
    as vijay say huge expectations from the whole world
    let us hope he will live up to expectations and whole
    world get rejunvated and peace peace everywhere
    have a great republic day

  4. parijaatha Says:

    If nothing else…everything about him oozes charm!

  5. some body Says:


    don’t you check your e-mails anymore? or are you as busy as some othe bloggers? 😉

    – s.b.

  6. aram Says:

    Reminds me of another great black personality Krishna Parama Atma !

  7. Reva Says:

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  8. Vishwas.24 Says:

    lol.! Nice one..

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