Foolish Ramblings

I cannot begin to count the number of blog posts that I lit in my mind and just flickered it away. Call it work pressure, TV addiction, shopping spree or the lovey-dovey wifey. I just call it laziness, period.

You know, if I were to get paid for blogging, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be this lazy to write. Oh well……Every time I talk to my mother on the phone, she asks me if I have writen anything new. At least this time, I can claim a blog post. Baby steps, you see.

Now, there are too many things to write about. I just look around and see Varun Gandhi, Sanjay Dutt (and Manyata, ooops) and their antics. Not too intersting, really. Maybe I should just write about Sharad Pawar and his new found love in third front. Again, boring. Writing about politicians is perhaps not the best way to start a new month.

So, how about Aishwarya Rai accepting the “coveted” Padmashree (*cough* *cough*). I hope you don’t mind, it’s just that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a little too long for me. I actually started off hoping to write something meaningful. Something like the best comeback in the Indian cricket history or the G-20 summit. But then, former is old news and latter is no news.

Isn’t it amazing that not writing for so long has made me so rusty? Well, probably not. That’s how I’ve always been, I just realized it today 🙂 And to think that I will restart blogging. What’s today’s date again?

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One Comment on “Foolish Ramblings”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    first april you have posted this sir yen samachara? april nalli poolagiddira hege. any how welcome back wants to read the posts from your mind and finger tips
    have a great time enjoy

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