Move Over Microsoft, Intel Is A Bigger Evil

Folks at AMD must be partying today. Wait a second, aren’t they right here in Sunnyvale, California? I am all confused now. How can a company in a capitalist society embrace the most ridiculous socialist ruling ever? Whatever….AMD didn’t have a party in several years, so let them enjoy the day!

Seriously though, when did giving rebates to high volume sales become a crime? Hasn’t Eurpoe realized that Socialist socities are a big flop? Why should hard work and success have a price tag? Isn’t it amazing how 19th century laws to prevent monopoly are still being used in the 21st century?

EU’s claim to fairness is making sure every player has equal market share. That’s the biggest joke in today’s business world. So, who is next? HP, CISCO, Oracle, Google – anyone above a certain thershold should decide to stop expanding and limit their profits, or else EU will be standing with the evil grin right next to you!!!

Have you noticed that AMD chips are manufactured in Germany? Sure, Intel has operations in Ireland. But between Germany and Ireland, we all know which is more powerful, don’t we? I am sure this has absolutely nothing to do with EU ruling. I just brought that point up, that’s all!!!

The babies in EU can cry a river. Companies like Intel are here to stay. Innovation is key to growth, some silly ass “bribing” cannot make a company great. Do the paper tigers in EU even realize the magnitude of research and development that happens in the technology sector? Do they know the amount of brainpower which has gone into making a 45nm chip a reality? If AMD had superioir products, they would do better. Infact, they did do better a few years back when Intel’s product line wasn’t the best. How did AMD manage to do well at that time, huh? Tell me, tell me how?

People with common sense know very well that all men are NOT made equal. There has to be a healthy competition. Only then will there be opportunity, innovation and eventually, yes, World peace. Go intel!

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2 Comments on “Move Over Microsoft, Intel Is A Bigger Evil”

  1. some body Says:


    i’ve no idea what you’re talking about. but it sure looks like you work for intel (or are a majority stockholder, or both!). đŸ˜‰

    – s.b.

  2. bpsk Says:

    As an Intel shareholder,I didn’t like it either. Btw, here’s an interview with Barrett in today’s WSJ:

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