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Baby, The Babe Magnet

June 12, 2009

It’s been a few weeks that I have been taking my daughter out on hikes. The best one was when I had to drive through dirt roads and then hike around a mle and a half. It was certainly worth the trip – the waterfall was magnificent. But, something surprised me. Several of my Indian friends and their parents are shocked, to say the least, that I am taking a one month baby all around the place. Well, she seems to like it, so why not? 🙂


At least for now, my daughter has realized that “late to bed, late to rise” is the way to go. I am sure, that comes directly from my genes (although, I have to admit, certainly not from my mother’s side). It has been fun taking care of her past midnight. But, here’s a twist. She has developed all traits of being colic. It starts out sometime late in the evening and goes on for a few hours. The solution? I go into the master bathroom, turn on the vent and stand there for sometime. Sheesh, she has a really weird sense of music!


All the beautiful girls in the town have been really nice to me these past few weeks. “Ohhh, she is sooooooo cute”, “How old is she? Oh my Gooooood”, “Ohh, isn’t sheeeee a princeeeesss?” etc. have become quite common nowadays. I do rememebr an episode of ‘Friends’ when Chandler and Joey scored with the women, when they carried around Ross’ baby. Isn’t it an irony? When all the single men are waiting for a smile, the girls are busy talking with the new dad – handsome, of course 😉