When Do You Restart Blogging?

There are so many times you want to restart blogging, some of which include:

  • Seeing at least five photos of Shobha Karandlaje every evening in the local newspaper – Her cycling, running, lighting the lamp, getting on a bullock cart and several other skills are truly admirable.
  • Being the proud father of a darling daughter, whose picture was clicked by tens of cell phone camera owners, when roaming around Mysore palace during Dasara.
  • Watching cricket on TV, day and night, and realizing how much I miss this in America.
  • Completely getting frustrated by the traffic in Bangalore and cursing myself for being the ‘ohhh so sensitive’ NRI.
  • Celebrating Deepavali with fireworks after more than a decade.
  • Tracing Bendre‘s path which inspired him to write ‘mooDala maneya muttina nIrina’.
  • Getting a CD released, which has my poems, my mother’s music and the biggest contemporary singers.
  • Getting annoyed by the pathetic quality of Zee Kannada Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and especially getting irritated by immature comments from ‘judges’ such as Archana Udupa.

But, here’s the reason which finally made me write again:

  • Mother and son talking way past midnight; listening to Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert, S.Janaki, P.Susheela and others; reminiscing the old days; remembering so many old friends, wondering where they are now; talking about all the happy moments, and the not-so happy ones, and learning several new things in the process; nostalgia……

Life is beautiful…………..

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13 Comments on “When Do You Restart Blogging?”

  1. tarlesubba Says:

    congrats!!! yen hesaru iTTro puTTakkange?

  2. TS,

    Thanks! Malavika is the name. Send me appa/amma’s phone number.

  3. bhel Says:

    Good to hear from you and congrats on the CD

  4. mouna Says:

    shubhashayagaLu on the CD.

    DS does need a reason to blog, alva? so is this a real comeback or are you still hazy about this?!

    if u ask me, i would definately want you to start writing again, regularly. please.

  5. vi.ra.he Says:

    super points…

    yes.. Life is beautiful…………..:)

  6. neelanjana Says:

    Nice to hear about the CD! Details koDi svalpa..

  7. @ Bhel: Thanks!

    @ mouna: Thanks. It is a definite comeback this time. I have been promptly replying to all the comments, so that’s a sign 😉

    @ vikas: Welcome to my blog! You have a very nice blog!

    @ neelanjana: Thanks…In a few weeks, it will be re-released in a place near where you stay, in a function which you will attend 🙂

  8. ANANDA Says:

    MaaLavikaa is a sweet name. What do you call her? Please post pictures atleast once a month.

  9. srik Says:

    Congratulations DS 🙂

  10. Undadigunda Says:

    Nice to know your India trip is going well.. Enjoy maaDi 🙂

  11. tarlesubba Says:

    yo siyaTal hogidde. maara sikkidda. yeno putta hakki anta CD ante. tumba mechhkonDa. nangoo ond eraD copy beku. rayalTi, Tapaal kharchu koDtini. vaapas bandaaga kaLsu.

  12. tarlesubba Says:

    btw. ninn blag bagge heLde. hingyaak iTTa hesaru namm so anta bhaaLa tale keDaskonDvi. idralli yeno guTTu irbodu anta gumaani. 🙂 lol

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