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“Happy” Birthday Story

December 3, 2009

Long work day. Went home around 6PM. Wife wore the prettiest of black gowns. Kid in another new cute outfit. New car. Started a drive to a cozy restaurant. Clicked on the garage door remote. Dang, the door got stuck and wouldn’t close. Treid again, and again, and again! Got the tool box, nothing worked! Tried to close the door manually, not an inch down.

Past 8PM. Wife and kid in night dress. Me had a hopeless look. Called the handyman neighbor. Still no progress. Phoned up garage repair guy. 9:30PM. He said an hour. Dude came after 11PM. Tried everything and the door still didn’t come down. He decides to cut the cable. Both of us bring… down the garage door slowly. It’s midnight. I go to bed. Wife and kiddo were sleeping peacefully 🙂


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

December 2, 2009