When do you restart a blog?

When one reader consistently keeps asking you about new content in your blog. It’s the persistence from that one reader which makes you start writing again. The zeal and the enthusiasm rushes back because now you have an answer to that reader. You suddenly realize that “Life in timelessness” is a farce and if there is will, there is certainly a way.

I have always believed that most of the poems I have written are because of my mother. Every time I call her, she would ask me if I wrote something new. She never got tired of asking and I couldn’t postpone writing forever.
This reader reminds me so much of my mother’s attitude towards writing and life in general. I am probably not the greatest blogger. I know I am not. Nowhere close, actually. But, this reader makes me feel like I am. And for that, I can’t thank him enough.

For all the good people from Singapore to Brussels, and New Delhi to San Francisco- good to see you peeking around, The blog is now officially re-opened 🙂

And to somebody out there, here’s your ode. Thank you.

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4 Comments on “When do you restart a blog?”

  1. bhel Says:

    Hey man, I could say “welcome back”, but that would be lying because my blog has been shut down. So, instead – thanks for the motivation!

    Hope to see a regular post soon!


  2. mouna Says:

    nice. and i guess u need time to ‘restart’ your restarting process. 😀

  3. mouna Says:

    i don’t know if you’ll notice this. what about putting in new content here?

  4. Porcupyn Says:

    Come on, Studji! At least cut and paste from FB (or vice versa!).

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