Steve Jobs made me think………again!!!

First of all, rest in peace Steve Jobs. He is one of a kind and certainly one of the greatest visionaries of our time.

I have been reading about him all over again. His personal life seems as much fascinating as his professional life. Here is something very interesting about him:

Jobs said he was certain that his character had been formed from his experiences, not his birth parents or genes. He frequently referred to his adopted parents as “the only real parents” that he ever had.

And, this naturally reminded me of my post from 2007:

Genes and Environment

Now that I am reading so much about Jobs, I keep wondering if he should have responded to Abdulfattah Jandali‘s emails. Maybe, maybe not.

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3 Comments on “Steve Jobs made me think………again!!!”

  1. Peace Says:

    And this is a post ? What are you, 6 years old you imbecile.

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