Alright, I think it’s time to start another blog. My earlier blog on blogspot spells out my name and a lot of details on who I am and what I do. I always believed that the true spirit of interent blogging is the ability to be anonymous. This is where I get to write whatever I like, however I like. Thus, the new blog. I am sure there are tons of smart asses out here who can figure out who I am. But, that’s not at all the point of this blog. Just look around and enjoy the show !!!

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  1. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Hi December stud,

    I got your blogs link through bellur’s blog. I always wondered why people play anonymous when brwosing net or chatting on IM. I never could analyse the right reason. Even Shruthi in her blog wrote a post on the ananymous bloggers & comments from them. I was amazed to see the reasons why she wants to know the names of the anonymous person behind the comment.

    Your about section says why do you want to call yourself as Ananymous. I thought it was a psychological disorder sometime back.. When you know what you are saying & doing it right.. there is no need to be anonymous & hide your identity is what I think. I generally write my full name where ever I comment or talk.. Honestly I dislike anaonymous bloggers for what ever reason said.

    I think I am first person to leave a negative commento n your blog. I am sorry folks.I read good thing about your wife, say my hello to her …. I know why you are still wise.

    Have a Great Day ahead

  2. decemberstud Says:


    First of all, thanks for visitng !!! I absolutely appreciate the comments. It’;s really not ‘negative’, what you have said is just your perspective. As Mr. Ganapathy from Star of Mysore would say “Comment is free, but facts are sacred” πŸ™‚

    Being anonymous is definitely not a psychological disorder (I can’t figure out where you got that from!). As I have pointed out in my intro, it gives me so much more freedom. Honestly, I bet tons of people know who the real me is. So, it’s really not all that anonymous. It’s very easy to find out who an anonymous blogger is.

    Again, it is the different perspectives. If the entire world thinks alike, then there is no fun. You don’t like anonymous bloggers and I like them, and we continue…

    Ohhh…and I bet you would really like me if I meet you in person (and I hope we will, some day). So, I doubt if you really dislike anonymous bloggers. What you probably dislike is ‘anonymous blogging’ and not ‘anonymous bloggers’. Well, that’s just my spin on yuor comment πŸ™‚

    Again, thanks for visitng, I hope you visit more often.

  3. forever_a_dud Says:

    well, veena, hats off to u for ur bold style. anon bloggers(including me) are basically cowards. we like to criticize but cannot take the criticism from others. so, yeah, its a psychological shielding mechanism put forth by our brains!

  4. decemberstud Says:


    I disagree with you. It is not cowardly, it’s just a way of net. there is a big difference. Tons of people including Veena know who I am. There are tons others who don’t know who I am. I prefer people to just look at my posts and comments without being prejudiced or judgemental. I don’t see why being anon is wrong, in fact, that’s the gift of the internet.

  5. forever_a_dud Says:

    I NEVER said being anon is wrong. I just analyzed its intention. Btw, when you say you don’t want ppl to be prejudiced, you are basically shielding yourself against their criticism/judgement about you, which is exactly my point. If you didn’t give a damn about what others think of you(like you, dislike you, criticize you etc.) you wouldn’t bother to start this anon blog(again proving my point). I am just calling a spade by its name, man, stop being so defensive in life πŸ™‚

  6. decemberstud Says:

    Oh no, you figured me out so easily….How do I dare to blog anymore ? πŸ˜‰

  7. some body Says:

    mr. dud:

    let me take a name prakash davangere, and start responding. does that make me less anonymous to you?

    – s.b.

  8. Forward_a_dud avare, thanks for the compliments & Prakash avarige namaskaara. namma aNNana hesru adu πŸ˜‰

  9. decemberstud Says:

    @ SB and Veena :
    I have a very strong feeling that forward_a_dud does not visit the blog anymore (IP address tracking helps me to come to that conclusion, unless he connects from a different network). Anyway….

  10. May be he is no more called Forward_a_dud also.. I guess people play around lot with IP’s.. something like dynamic ip address, which gets allocated everytime when you connect afresh! I am not a network specialist so I might not be correct completely.

    Or he must be out for a vacation, its the holiday time alva NRI’s ge Chirtsnmas time nalli ? Thanks fair enough!

  11. some body Says:


    hey i never said my name is prakash davangere. i just took an alias (lol). unless of course, that is ds’s real name!!!

    christmas ige bhaaratadalliye jaasti raje sikte. illi (usa) yeradu divasa ashte, vondu tingalu alla!

    – s.b.

  12. decemberstud Says:

    LOL…I had a friend in school named Prakash and he blogs too. And, one of the regular visitors to my blog studied Engineering in Davangere. Other than that, nope, no connection to DS and Prakash Davangere.

  13. […] I have a face for the owner of every blog I have ever visited. Some of the bloggers have made it easy by putting their pictures on the site. But, a lot others like me, who apparently suffer from a psychological disorder (check out Veena’s comments here), have no intentions of putting our pictures. […]

  14. @ DS:

    I think you said it when you said “This is where I get to write whatever I like, however I like.”

    If a lot of people know you and regularly visit your blog, friends or family, you cant be completely free in expressing yourself for fear of hurting their feelings, if you choose to write on some incident which involves them. Being anonymous allows you to share that incident/instance without worrying about them or jeopardizing their identity and maybe embarrassing them.

    Blogging is often quite impulsive for a majority of bloggers. The thoughts that some people might express on their blog impulsively might not be the way they would react in a real life situation and I wouldn’t like to be judged based on those impulsive thoughts, which is also a reason some people blog anonymously.

    The comment by forever_a_dud about criticism is true in some cases, its the generalization that is wrong!!

  15. decemberstud Says:

    @ OI :
    Thanks. Yes, freedome of expression is lost when you reveal the identity. You do not ever want to hurt the feelings of any individual, but at the same time, you need to vent out the pent up frustrations and really discuss issues with the wide world.

    And, very true…blogging is so implulsive. It does make our lives so easy being anonymous and actually contributing something. I don’t want to geenralize, but I am happy this way.

  16. Let me ask you one genuine Q.. Do you think I don’t express the way I think ? I feel I do.. How does it matter if I start talking with a new name.. I don’t think people can find me out also if I consioucly do it. However my earlier belief still holds TRUE..what ever debating or justification you give. What ever I do I take care I don’t do anything which will make my mother feel ashamed. Mother is just an indication to parents…
    SB aka Prakash avare.. thats ok.. somebody antha use maadidre it sounds like I am generally saying about a person.
    SB.. who said you are anaonymous… one day I am sure I will connect a face to it now I know who SB is… you can never hide your thoughts .. when you can’t hide your thoughts why do you want to hide your face. May be you fear that people will fall in love with you.. πŸ™‚ Ha Ha.. annavre enentaara ?

  17. shark Says:

    Veena and others who are “against” anonymity:
    Writing a name (a proper first name. last name) does not mean I am not anonymous.
    At the same time having a pseudo name is not anonymous completely.

    The main purpose of not revealing an identity is to attract some very frank and objective comments to the post. As against “coward ness”!!!

    The moment people know the person behind the post… there is a prejudiced thinking. I expect some serious and objective comments for my posts. The posts are just to be read as piece of writing… not as “somebody-thinks-this-way”!

    Also there are lots of situations where you just want to blurt out your emotions… for eg when you are angry with someone who you are good friends with. You cannot say that right on their face… not because you are a coward… But because you don’t want to hurt their feelings… in such cases, it eases you when you pen it down….

    There are lot more examples for the reason behind anonymity.

    So it is definitely NOT a mental disorder! It is just a way of life… πŸ™‚

    December Stud: Hope you have a great time with your new blog… πŸ™‚

  18. ella Mysore navru heegene.. eno ondu kaaraNa koTTu justify maadteera.. a
    aaytu bidi.. no worries at all πŸ™‚
    Mental disorder is a very strong word may be adakke bejaar maadkobedi, nanu ello odida nenpu so…
    Shark avare, DS avaru apaara buddi vantru, aagaaga banni .. debate maadokke sakkat jaaga ivara web-blog.

  19. Karthi Says:

    Are you the poet Nisar Ahamed ? (Refering the photo :-))

  20. decemberstud Says:

    @ Veena :
    Are you sure you still encourage others to come to my blog and visit ? Your latest comment indicates that you have lost respect for me πŸ˜‰ And, you know what, the very fact that you know who the real me is part of the reason why you feel the way you do.

    And, thankss for the compliment, but I am really not ‘apAra buddhivaMta’. I am definitely above average.

    @ Shark :
    Thank you for the defese. All very good points and I have nothing to disagree with. I am enjoying the new blog πŸ™‚

    @ karthi :
    Naaah….I wish my poems are evn half as good as Nissar’s. I would consider myself lucky then. πŸ™‚

  21. I have answered your query there. I never said, I will not visit your blog.. but I said I am losing respect about your views(indirectly you).. These are 2 different things.
    Nope, I am not bothered who you are & that has no take for all the respect I have about you & the other thing (loosing it also)

  22. decemberstud Says:

    LOL Veena that is one big rollercoaster there πŸ™‚

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