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How Black Is Black?

January 20, 2009

What I like about Barack Obama is his ability to capture people’s hearts and minds just by talking. The cool headed dude from Chicago certainly has an amazing capacity to reach out and reach out far. Guess what? My mother called me all the way from India today morning, right after Obama’s speech, to tell me how thrilled she was to listen to him. She is completely convinced that the World is going to be a much better place, now that he has taken the reins of the most powerful nation on Earth.

It makes you think, doesn’t it? My mother, sitting in the other part of the World was inspired and thrilled by Obama’s call. Can you imagine the state of affairs here in the United States? Is it the charisma? Is it the energy? or is it just the simplicity? What he has successfully done is to transform the region and the World with the lights of hope. And, that ain’t no easy job.

I am convinced he will be a terrific President. He has the brains and the will to change the country and the World. He has the right people around him. And, last but not the least, he is a very shrewed politician. Did you guys notice how he mentioned about his ‘father’ twice during the inaugural speech? I do not recall any mention of his mother. Just so that we are all on the same ground, he was brought up by his mother’s side of the family and had hardly any contact with his father. Now, that’s what I mean by a shrewed politician. Go figure!

There is still one thing which I fail to understand. Obama grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, in a white family. And somehow he is treated as an ‘African-American’ because of one magical sperm? I am sorry, but his childhood was not in Bronx or Mississippi. To be fair, he is more white than black.

So, really, how black is black?


Communists At Their Best

July 23, 2008

Just when I think that they cannot beat their previous circus act, they come up with a brand new one!!! CPM decided to oust Somnath Chatterjee from the party because the veteran politician brought ‘shame’ to the party.

With all the political parties fighting hard to win the “worst party in Independent India” award, I have to give it to the communists. They have far outpaced the peers. Some idiot named D. Raja comes on TV and claims that Chatterjee was expelled from the party “because he disobeyed the constitution”. Alright, I agree that English is certainly not one of D. Raja’s strengths. But to call a person – who upheld the dignity of the speaker’s chair – as someone who broke the rules of the constitution is absurd, immature and illogical.

So, for one, D. Rajas of the party should NOT come and open their mouth. But then, the smart mouths like Karats have a totally different problem. They live 100 years back!!! And, it’s impossible to bring them back to the present time.

There’s only one solution for this. Our dear Bengali babus in and around Calcutta should realize the blunder they have been committing by electing jokers to the Lok Sabha. Guys, it’s time to wake up and vote for the Congress, or the Trinamool, or the BJP or whatever the other junk is.

Every politician in India – from Advani to Manmohan Singh (read as Sonia Gandhi) – have to be ashamed looking back at the events which happened over the last one week. But, the communists have the uncanny ability to beat them all. Throwing Somnath Chatterjee out of the party is the biggest shame on the party. Oh wait a second, there’s always a new day. I am sure they have something better up their sleeve. They are bound to come up with a bigger joke tomorrow!!!

Yet Another Political Sammelana

December 19, 2007

I should probably stop writing about such topics, but I can’t. Recently concluded Udupi Kannada Sahitya Sammelana was a mockery. It had more politics than literature.

To beginwith, there was a parallel ‘Souharda Sammelana’. The official Sammelana and the ‘Souharda Sammelana’ were apparently compared to tiLisAru and mInusAru. Ahhh, I thought we were past this Brahmin/Non-Brahmin divide. I forgot, we need to start reservation based on caste, for publishing books as well. Only then will this divide cease to exist. Yeah right!!!

I thought this Sammelana will be so much nicer with the state under President’s rule. For a change there wouldn’t be Chief minister and his cabinet taking the limelight in a ‘literary conference’. How wrong was I!!! It was hogged by the would-be, could-be and must-be chief ministers. Icing on the cake was certainly the fight between Congress and Karnataka Rakshana Vedike members.

Prof. L.S.Sheshagiri Rao richly deserved to be the President of the Sammelana. Salut sir!!! Literally, that’s the only good thing which came out of this conference.

There were 14 resolutions passed, and I bet none of them would be ever implemented. None in the past have, as far as I remember. I hate to sound cynical, but politicians are indeed a rare breed. Getting the classical status to Kannada, getting back Kasargod into Karnataka by the implementation of Mahajan commission recommendations etc. One resolution which caught my eye was the opposition to the establishment of a Hindi Academy in Karnataka by the state government. Amen!!!

People Above The Law

September 7, 2007

Seoul high court has suspended 5 year prison term for Hyundai chairman Chung Mong-koo. This means he is a free man now and doesn’t have to go to jail. He was being charged for embezzlement and fraud.

South Korean judge Lee Jae-hong said that the chairman is too important for South Korea and he didn’t want to jeopardize the nation’s economy by putting the chairman behind bars.

Let’s just hope that no Indian judge follows Lee’s step. Let’s just hope no other judge in this World follows Lee’s step. Will the South Korean authorities be brave enough to fire Lee for not doing his job properly? I doubt it. Money is too important.


August 28, 2007


“My second preference has always been English. I will not talk in Hindi. I am still upset that I was forced to study Hindi over Sanskrit in school.”

It is silly to dislike a language just because you were forced to study it – if you do so, you join the bazillions Tamilians who put forth exactly that argument. If you refuse to converse in Hindi, you lose the opportunity to communicate with so many millions of our brethren!


– Somebody



OK, I am still laughing reading your mail 🙂

A few clarifications before I start:

1. I think Hindi is a beautiful language. It is
extremely melodious to ears.
2. I love listening to Hindi film songs and ghazals
and certainly appreciate the lyrics in there.
3. I have watched tons of Hindi movies and will
continue to do so.
4. I can read, write and understand Hindi extremely
well. I cannot speak well because I haven’t tried.
5. I watched Hindi serials regularly on DD and never
once watched a Kannada serial (if it helps this

So, which question of yours didn’t I answer? I thought
I did answer everything. If I missed something, that
would be purely accidental.

The only statement I disagree with in your mail is:
“If you refuse to converse in Hindi, you lose the
opportunity to communicate with so many millions of
our brethren!”.

That argument is very generic. If a person cannot
speak Kannada, even he/she will not be able to
communicate with millions of their brethren!!! So,
that argument is flawed. It assumes
magically that somehow Hindi is above the other
languages, and that’s exactly where I disagree.

My mother studied in Kannada and English mediums. But,
she can read, write and understand Hindi extremenly
well. Why? Because she loves learning new languages.
She understands several Indian languages and easily
picked up Hindi when she went to visit her brothers
who were in North India. That is different.

As for me, I had taken Kannada as my first language in
school. I wanted to take Sanskrit as my third
language. Hell no. I HAD to take Hindi as either the
first or third language. Basically, it was forced down
my throat. Seriously, this reminds me of the Nazi era.
Since when did such cultural dominance become

My argument is simple. I will not accept Hindi as some
superior language than other Indian languages.

It just amazes me to see how people take me for
granted. There would be 10 South Indians at a party,
and a couple from Hindi heartland come in and
automatically start conversing in Hindi. Really?!?!?!
Give me a break.

Your viewpoints maybe certainly different. You seem to
be more comfortable in reading and writing Hindi than
Kannada. So, perhaps your idea of national integration
is for every Indian to talk in Hindi. I don’t know, I
am just guessing. You are certainly entitled to your
opinions, obviosuly.

But, I will not accept it under any terms. Forcing
anything on anyone is rape and there is nothing pure
about it.

As you can imagine, I am quite passionate when such
topics come up 🙂 I rest my case now. Let me go do
some work.

Maybe, I should have made this a blog post 🙂

Fun Always!

He Wins, She Wins, Who Wins?

July 26, 2007

Sonu Nigam, I Am Sorry, but Chitra can console you. 

Let me give you an example of how the movie awards are given. When my mother was in the committee for film awards a few years back, she awarded the ‘Best Female Playback Singer’ award to Chitra for the movie ‘Chandramukhi Pranasakhi’. Since my mother was the expert in music, pretty much everyone agreed. But, there was one section of the committee which suggested that the award be given to Chitra, but for a different song from a different movie. Even that was a melodious song and rest of the people in the committee started agreeing to that suggestion. My mother’s main point was that the award HAD to go to Chitra because she had sung very well. They checked and saw that the other song was also sung by Chitra. Since a few people in the committee had reservations about the original song, plus the fact that the second song was also sung by Chitra, the award was announced for the second song.

Guess what??? The producers of the other movie had intentionally given the name of the singer as Chitra for the second song. It was infact sung by Latha Hamsalekha. After the awards were announced, the producers came out and said that the song was sung by Latha Hamsalekha and not Chitra, and thus the award was finally given to Latha Hamsalekha. Obviously, they had ‘booked’ a few people in the awards committe. That also explained why nobody had answers when my mother asked them as to why Chitra’s voice was different in the second song. My mother realized that being naive and straightforward are not good traits to be in a politically tainted awards committee.

The ‘Intellectual’ Barks Again

May 29, 2007

It was time. He was not in the news for so long. It must have made him real uneasy. So, U.R.Ananthamurthy decides it is the right time to start another controversy, and lo, his name is all over the newspapers. Vijaya Karnataka has his photograph on the front page. That must have made him happy, at least for now.

URA first takes a dig at S.L.Bhyrappa’s latest novel ‘AvaraNa’. He does not like the novel. Fine, there are tons more who don’t like that novel. He says that the writing is more like a debate than a story. Sure, again, there are several more people who agree with that. Now, the next statement is scary. URA thinks SLB is not a good story teller at all. Really?!?!?! The dude should realize that there is a Karanth, there is a Masti, there is a Bhyrappa, and then the rest of you.

Apparently URA is scared to see so many copies of ‘AvaraNa’ being sold. Well, there you go dude, that show’s SLB’s popularity. But the great intellectual that URA is, he comes up with a brilliant theory and says that the RSS and right wing hindu nuts are responsible for  the success of ‘AvaraNa’. Come on man, I know it is painful, but you can’t be that jealous, can you? Oh well, maybe you are capable.

URA and his attitude sickens me to the core. He writes well, and that’s about the only thing which he does well. Peace!!!