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Chak De India

March 10, 2008

Now that the Indian media has branded this as the worst ever day for Indian hockey, for once something other than cricket is on every Indian’s mind. Pargat Singh and Dhanraj Pillai have been calling for a management overhaul at IHF since the news broke out that we will not be going to Beijing for the Olympics.

For a second, let’s stop reading the headlines which are so colorful and appealing from “National Game or National Shame” to “Black Day!!!” Let’s forget for a minute that KPS Gill is a “Good Cop Gone Bad” or that Mani Shankar Aiyer has expressed his inability to interfere in the affairs of IHF. Can the players and the public breathe and relax for a few dyas, please?

My wife summed it up well. Indian media does not care when we do well in Indian hockey, but that’s all the news is when the Indian hockey team sucks. The media suddenly realizes the importance of our “National Game”. Oh well, what happened today is almost like singing National Anthem backwards…please!!!

I am very sad too. I always knew “Chak De” was just a movie. We are an emotional bunch and sometimes we go too far and assume that reel life is almost the same as real life.

Sure, bring in the bricks and let there be a top level overhaul in Indian hockey. But, do it with some sense, respect and decency. More than the Indian Hockey Federation, the Indian media should be ashamed at the way in which the whole episode has turned out. Whatever happened to responsible journalism?


Another Fallen star

October 5, 2007

It pains me to read about the latest offender. I still remember seeing Marion Jones at close quarters. That day, she had won the long jump, did not finish in top three in the 100m and had pulled out of the semi-finals in the 200m. At the end of the day (literally), she was all smiles when she walked hand-in-hand with her then husband. Her smile is undoubtedly her greatest asset, sporting skills come next. I was there, I saw her and I knew she could never cheat, just like I knew Hansie Cronje could never cheat.

In the World where winning is everything, the average sports fan and his state of mind hardly matters. In a place where power and money rule, sportsmen become blind to the hunger and happiness of the millions. That is the sad reality. How else can one explain the despicable behavior of Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, Ben Johnson, Floyd Landis, Michael Rasmussen, Barry Bonds, Hansie Cronje, Md. Azharuddin and such down the drain minds?

Marion Jones will certainly not be the last person to bring disgrace and disrepute to professional sports. And there will be thousands more who will never be caught. Talking of which, what do you think of Flo-Jo?

Cheating will happen until there is selfishness and greed in this World. That roughly translates to, cheating will be eternal. That is the hard reality. But I will not be a cynic. I will continue to watch sports passionately. Most of the sportsmen are genuine. A virus here and a bacteria there is easy to suppress.

Shame on you Marion Jones.