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A crore for Kukkarahalli

July 17, 2008

Yay!!!! Reading through the boring and lengthy transcript of our honorable Chief Minister’s budget speech, I instantly spotted a gem. Government has set aside a crore for the improvement of Kukkarahalli Lake in Mysore. What a wn, finally!!!

The chirping birds, morning joggers, housewives and retired clerks will surely be happy. Hide-and-seek pairs from the nearby (and faraway) colleges will definitely appreciate the grant. Certainly one of the most beautiful places in Mysore, the lake has seen it’s good and bad days. Last decade has seen quite some improvement, but more money from the state government will hopefully see much more of it.

Peaceful, serene and heavenly are just words. Nobody can describe the beauty of Kukkarahalli Lake in three paragraphs (or four or five….). Last year, when we were in Mysore for several months, my wife and I visited the lake so regularly. You get to see so many people and you get to hear so many stories. You see several birds and sing with them. Ahhhh, a poet’s paradise!!!

One other note. State government has put in 10 crores for Mysore Dasara and another 5 crores for the development of Vivekananda Youth Center. A Dakshina Kannada writer friend of mine once wrote, that of all the Kannadigas he has seen in America, Mysoreans are the most passionate about their city. Just trying to prove that here 🙂