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American Idol 2008 – Grand Finale

May 21, 2008

….and the winner will be David Archuleta. He better be, I was supporting him from the beginning and have been predicting from day # 1 that he will win. So, I better not be wrong 😉 He was absolutely brilliant yesterday. I couldn’t imagine that a 17 year old can sing with such maturity. Kudos to him!!!


American Idol 2008 – Top 3

May 14, 2008

Syesha Mercado is going home tonight. It’s going to be David vs David finale next week!!!

American Idol 2008 – Top 4

May 7, 2008

Going strictly by talent and yesterday night’s performance, Jason Castro should be voted out. But, Syesha Mercado does not have a lot of fan following, so she is walking on a thin line as well. As usual David Archuleta was way better than the rest.