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God’s Own Game

March 4, 2008

It is no secret that a brilliant performace on the cricket ground by the Indian team is the second best orgasm for an Indian male.

Add to it, the fact that GOD played amazing cricket at both SCG and the GABBA. Some of the shots were so poetic and amazing, nobody other than Sachin could have played them better – really. There is a reason for the aura, greatness and the ‘more than a human being’ status.

I was certainly thrilled to see India beat Australia in Australia comfortably. Beating the top team in the World is no mean achievement. And, that too in their home turf.

This certainly signals the beginning of the end of Australian supremacy in the cricketing World and they know it. The top players in the Australian team are gone and it is going to be a struggle for them. They dominated cricket for such a long time and I will certainly miss their attacking game. I wish them all the best. But, it’s all about India and Indian cricket now 🙂


And Somehow Tendulkar Is Still The Holy Cow

January 20, 2008

So, you don’t see Kumble, Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman’s names in the one-day squad for the upcoming triangular series in Australia. The smart selectors have decided to give chance to the youngsters. Certainly a commendable decision, and considering that it’s the Indian team, quite a bold decision too.

But wait, somehow the selectors (read management) are convinced that Tendulkar is still a teenager. Mr. Pawar, high stakes, huh? What a pity!!!

While Australia Cried Aloud

January 19, 2008

….the last frontier was conquered.

Perth – you are no longer a dream!!!

Newest Word In English Language

January 6, 2008


To falsify or mislead on cricket ground.
To deceive and cheat in the game of cricket.
To lie and claim innocence.

A person who claims that the opposite team’s batsman is out in the game of cricket, even though he is fully aware that the batsman was not out.
A cricket captain who lack integrity.
A person who makes mockery out of the gentleman’s game.

An Open Letter To BCCI

January 6, 2008

The Powerful People at BCCI

Dear All,

I am sure you have witnessed the horror in SCG. I am sure your blood is boiling at the same temperature as mine. But, there is a key difference between you and me. You can make decisions which alter the future of this series. You can make decisions which will heal millions of injured hearts. You have the power to stop the nonsense. You have the tools to right the wrong. Do it. Do it now!!! What I can do is just blurt out different options. You have the liberty to choose the best one. But, you have to choose one, if you have an iota of pride.

Lodge a formal complaint against all three umpires in the Sydney test. Specifically, make sure ICC unceremoniously fires Steve Bucknor from his job. If Bucknor decides to relinquish the job on his own (if that will ever happen!), ICC should not accept it. BCCI should insist on ICC removing Bucknor.

Call back Indian cricket team from Australia. If the other cricketing nations think BCCI whines, so be it. If they remind you of Gandhi and his principle of showing the other cheek when one cheek is slapped, you need to educate them on bhagavadgIta and Krishna, who famously said that a thorn should always be removed using another thorn.

On the other hand, if you are greedy and are afraid of losing a lot of money by pulling back the Indian team, here is another idea. My friend thinks that you should call all the current members of Indian cricket team back and send an India ‘B’ team or even an India ‘C’ team. Yes, send a new bunch of sixteen players who have never played international cricket. At least that way, you are making a statement.

Sledging was invented by Australians, I am sure you are well aware of that. Defend Harbhajan Singh. Threaten ICC that you will pull out of key tournaments. ICC needs you. They know you have money. Without India, World cricket is dead. You are a cricketing super power. For once, act like one!!!

One more injured soldier!!!

Twenty20 Cricket, Mashallah, Mighty Allah, and Muslims

September 24, 2007

I have to say that the Twenty20 World Cup Cricket was amazing!!! The entertainment value was overflowing. Ten of us watched the semi-finals and the finals and it was enough crowd to create a stadium atmosphere.

I never thought I would become a fan of this newest version of cricket so soon. As my wife rightly said, I think we should bid adieu to one dayers and just play twent20 and test matches, going forward.

We woke up early to watch the finals today. The crowd was loud and rowdy. Each and every guy and the only girl who was present (no prizes on guessing who the girl was!) had continuous comments and remarks on the game. The best thing about today’s finals was that the wicket was not totally flat. Bowlers certainly had a big role to play and that disproved my theory that twenty20 was just a batsman’s game.

True to their reputation, Indian cricketers made sure that most of us die hard fans had an ‘almost heart attack’ experience several times during the game. Indians just can never win without killing a few fans, can they? In the end, it was a perfect final with all the ingredients of a drama.

I was a little surprised that Sreesanth did not stare as much at his opponents today. He did have quite a few key catches. He is here to stay. Irfan pathan was awesome!!! Rohit Sharma is a good find and Yuvraj Singh has been a joy to the eyes throughout the tournament. One player who should certainly be dropped is Joginder Sharma. That dude has no idea where the wicket is and I didn’t see even a single straight ball he bowled.

One of my friends had a funny comment about Joginder Sharma. He phoned us and we asked him what his opinion was on Joginder Sharma. He quipped “I am really scared to see any person with a last name Sharma, bowling the last over”. Do I need to remind what he was talking about?

There is one incident after the game which caught our ears. When Irfan Pathan received his ‘Man of the Match’ award, he started off his comment with “Mashallah”. That’s perfectly fine. When Shahid Afridi received his ‘Player of the Tournament’ award, he started of his comment with “First of all, I want to thank the mighty Allah”. That’s fine too. People are free to believe in their religions and thank their God for the success. But, what intrigued me was Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik’s first sentence as he started answering Ravi Shastri – “First of all, I want to thank all the supporters in Pakistan and all the Muslims in this World”.  Yeah right, Muslims from Sudan to Indonesia were praying for Shoaib Malik’s team to win!!! What nonsense is that. This “we Muslims” mentality is growing in Pakistan cricket team at a super fast pace in the last decade or so. This is certainly not healthy for the World. This may seem like an isolated incident, but in the context of today’s World affairs, what Shoaib Malik did was totally wrong. I only wish I was in Ravi Shastri’s place. I had an instant response to the secularly challenged Shoaib Malik!!!

Twenty20 – Jokers and Geniuses

September 19, 2007

I am convinced that Twenty20 is not for people like me. They killed a really nice game called cricket and made it a joke. These days, nobody cares for good cricketing shots, brilliant fielding and wonderful bowling. Talking of which, we should invent a bowling machine. Do we really need a bowler whose only goal in playing Twenty20 is to somehow manage to avoid humiliation?

That said, watch the Yuvraj 6’s below. All clean shots and brilliant hits. Now, this is what I call real cricket 😉 In a nutshell, this form of cricket makes a joker out of a bowler and shows the genius of a real batsman. I know I had sworn that I wouldn’t ever watch Indian cricket. Hey, but that was one-dayers 😉

Oh, and can someone pull Ravi Shastri out of the commentary box? You will be doing a great service to this World!!!