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Will I Be Rich? Will I Be Handsome? Whatever Will Be Will Be

March 6, 2008

Alright, it’s that time of the year again. And, it’s the solemn duty of every Indian to be proud and say that four out of the top ten richest people in the World are from India. Never mind the digital divide or the poverty, it still is something to feel happy about. At least those of you who can afford two meals a day should be proud of such news for one day, if not more.

Can anyone explain why the uncanny ability of making money magically disappears if you are born South of the Vindhyas? Go check the list, if you don’t believe me.

Lakshmi Mittal, Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani and KP Singh are household names in India. But, get this. Do you know who is the 743rd richest person in the World? Yeah me neither, until I painstakingly went through the Forbes list (jobless, duh!). This dude Anurag Dikshit apparently lives in, of all the places, Gibraltar. And guess how he made that money. He wrote software for an online betting company, which enables gamblers all over the planet to play Poker with each other. Pretty sound bet, me thinks.

Keep dreaming, no harm there. Again, for your pleasure, here’s Doris Day’s song:


People Above The Law

September 7, 2007

Seoul high court has suspended 5 year prison term for Hyundai chairman Chung Mong-koo. This means he is a free man now and doesn’t have to go to jail. He was being charged for embezzlement and fraud.

South Korean judge Lee Jae-hong said that the chairman is too important for South Korea and he didn’t want to jeopardize the nation’s economy by putting the chairman behind bars.

Let’s just hope that no Indian judge follows Lee’s step. Let’s just hope no other judge in this World follows Lee’s step. Will the South Korean authorities be brave enough to fire Lee for not doing his job properly? I doubt it. Money is too important.

How Green Is My Valley ?

May 9, 2007

It is always a treat to watch Maria Bartiromo. She is beautiful, she has a radiating smile and above all she knows what she talks – unlike other down the drain anchors such as Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith.

Now that Maria has been busy announcing the new highs and records for Dow Jones Industrial Average, day in and day out, I am sure the CNBC viewership has increased considerably.

This is the time to invest you would think, huh ? Make hay while the sun shines, sure. But, hey there are so many things which are not right, so just be cautious. Dendreon Corporation lost 65% today, since FDA did not approve the prostate cancer drug they came up with. Agggh, ironically, that must have hurt the stockholders in the wrong part of the body.

And then we have Mr. Greenspan (yeah right Mr. Bernanke, but I still think Greenspan is smarter, so I will stick with that name) reluctant to bring down the interest rates. Come on, look at all the people sitting on the fence wondering whether this is the right time to buy a new home. Sure, you live in a villa. Let the others too, bring it down buddy.

Also, get this…oil prices are coming down big time. But NOT at the pump. Apparently the repairs and internal problems at the oil refineries are making sure that the price of gas in USA is reaching record highs. Long live the Oil magnets. I have always sweared by Exxon, Shell and Chevron and I will continue to do so.

And, did you hear about that Hong Kong couple who have made tons of money through Dow Jones stock? SEC has decided to investigate the issue. They believe that it was all due to insider trading. But then will China cooperate with USA and hand over the couple to the US officials? Common sense tells me that such things never happen in the World we live.

So, there is a lot of money out there folks. It’s time to test your smartness. Figure out the best investments…and let me know too!!!