The Dreams In Which I’m Dying Are The Best I’ve Ever Had

Posted July 12, 2009 by December Stud
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As weird as it sounds, this sentence is just kicking the creative juices out of me (whatever of it is left, that is!). As you’ve rightly guessed, I am listening to Tears for Fears, Gary Jules and Adam Lambert. A week ago, I was listening to an Assamese song sung by my mother, over and over and over, again and again, past midnight, of course. And, this week, it’s ‘Mad World’. Anyway, I wanted to write a poem, but I will settle for a blog post.

Fatherhood has been amazing. The fact that she wants me to hold her and jump up and down, is free exercise – you know, I always tend to look at the bright side.  When I come back from work, she will be sitting on her mother or grand mother’s lap. I just go there and give my biggest grin and start talking to her. She instantly recognizes my face and gives the biggest and best smile in the World. Now, that is priceless! (Please note, Master card). I can never give up anything for that.

The twinkle in her eyes when she is happy, the droopy cheeks when she is crying, pure and untainted innocence – I am truly blessed. I am sure most fathers have these feelings – it’s the norm, for most of us, at least. I don’t know how the love gets divided when you have more than one kid (it probably gets doubled!), but when you have your very first child, the emotions and feelings are truly out of this World.

A long time back, there was a comment on my blog saying there is only one sun and one moon. Very true, but few (un)lucky ones will have to live through eclipses. Two days back, I was staring at the full moon. I remembered the bright sun earlier that day. I looked at my wife, and at my beautiful daughter. I was happy, I was content.

I wanted to write a poem, but ended up with this. Not too far, I suppose. It’s not all that cryptics, is it? And yes, I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad, that the dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.


Baby, The Babe Magnet

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It’s been a few weeks that I have been taking my daughter out on hikes. The best one was when I had to drive through dirt roads and then hike around a mle and a half. It was certainly worth the trip – the waterfall was magnificent. But, something surprised me. Several of my Indian friends and their parents are shocked, to say the least, that I am taking a one month baby all around the place. Well, she seems to like it, so why not? 🙂


At least for now, my daughter has realized that “late to bed, late to rise” is the way to go. I am sure, that comes directly from my genes (although, I have to admit, certainly not from my mother’s side). It has been fun taking care of her past midnight. But, here’s a twist. She has developed all traits of being colic. It starts out sometime late in the evening and goes on for a few hours. The solution? I go into the master bathroom, turn on the vent and stand there for sometime. Sheesh, she has a really weird sense of music!


All the beautiful girls in the town have been really nice to me these past few weeks. “Ohhh, she is sooooooo cute”, “How old is she? Oh my Gooooood”, “Ohh, isn’t sheeeee a princeeeesss?” etc. have become quite common nowadays. I do rememebr an episode of ‘Friends’ when Chandler and Joey scored with the women, when they carried around Ross’ baby. Isn’t it an irony? When all the single men are waiting for a smile, the girls are busy talking with the new dad – handsome, of course 😉

Move Over Microsoft, Intel Is A Bigger Evil

Posted May 13, 2009 by December Stud
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Folks at AMD must be partying today. Wait a second, aren’t they right here in Sunnyvale, California? I am all confused now. How can a company in a capitalist society embrace the most ridiculous socialist ruling ever? Whatever….AMD didn’t have a party in several years, so let them enjoy the day!

Seriously though, when did giving rebates to high volume sales become a crime? Hasn’t Eurpoe realized that Socialist socities are a big flop? Why should hard work and success have a price tag? Isn’t it amazing how 19th century laws to prevent monopoly are still being used in the 21st century?

EU’s claim to fairness is making sure every player has equal market share. That’s the biggest joke in today’s business world. So, who is next? HP, CISCO, Oracle, Google – anyone above a certain thershold should decide to stop expanding and limit their profits, or else EU will be standing with the evil grin right next to you!!!

Have you noticed that AMD chips are manufactured in Germany? Sure, Intel has operations in Ireland. But between Germany and Ireland, we all know which is more powerful, don’t we? I am sure this has absolutely nothing to do with EU ruling. I just brought that point up, that’s all!!!

The babies in EU can cry a river. Companies like Intel are here to stay. Innovation is key to growth, some silly ass “bribing” cannot make a company great. Do the paper tigers in EU even realize the magnitude of research and development that happens in the technology sector? Do they know the amount of brainpower which has gone into making a 45nm chip a reality? If AMD had superioir products, they would do better. Infact, they did do better a few years back when Intel’s product line wasn’t the best. How did AMD manage to do well at that time, huh? Tell me, tell me how?

People with common sense know very well that all men are NOT made equal. There has to be a healthy competition. Only then will there be opportunity, innovation and eventually, yes, World peace. Go intel!

My latest poem…..and the BEST ever!

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My best poem

My best poem

ಯಾವ ಹೂವು ಯಾರ ಮುಡಿಗೊ?

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It’s been two years since appa died. It’s weird! It’s different!!

My father believed in rituals, a lot. So, I make it a point to go through all the rituals and ‘officially’ remember him on chaitra shuddha trayOdasi every year. Well, it’s just been two years now. It was very different, two years ago. I cried uncontrollably. Now, I take a different route. I try the escapist path. I try not to think of him too much during the rituals. It’s very hard not to. When you repeat his name, his father’s name, his grand father’s and the gOthra, several times during the process, it’s hard not to have moments of flashbacks.

They say time is the healer. But I think that’s only partly true. Time is a healer just because we choose it to be. There are several days when I suddenly go back to ‘thinking of everything to do with my father’ mode and silently sob. So, where did that ‘time is the healer’ thingy vanish?

If it is this bad for me, I can certainly imagine how bad it is for my mother. Then again, she is such a strong woman, who has gone through so much pain in her life. So much braver and stronger than I am. There is a reason pathos are melodious, right?

I never saw my father’s father or his grand father. But, here I am praying, so that they can attain mOkSha! Isn’t that strange? As a famous poem in Kannada goes – ಎತ್ತಣ ಮಾಮರ? ಎತ್ತಣ ಕೋಗಿಲೆ? ಎತ್ತಣಿಂದೆತ್ತ ಸಂಬಂಧವಯ್ಯ?

Foolish Ramblings

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I cannot begin to count the number of blog posts that I lit in my mind and just flickered it away. Call it work pressure, TV addiction, shopping spree or the lovey-dovey wifey. I just call it laziness, period.

You know, if I were to get paid for blogging, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be this lazy to write. Oh well……Every time I talk to my mother on the phone, she asks me if I have writen anything new. At least this time, I can claim a blog post. Baby steps, you see.

Now, there are too many things to write about. I just look around and see Varun Gandhi, Sanjay Dutt (and Manyata, ooops) and their antics. Not too intersting, really. Maybe I should just write about Sharad Pawar and his new found love in third front. Again, boring. Writing about politicians is perhaps not the best way to start a new month.

So, how about Aishwarya Rai accepting the “coveted” Padmashree (*cough* *cough*). I hope you don’t mind, it’s just that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a little too long for me. I actually started off hoping to write something meaningful. Something like the best comeback in the Indian cricket history or the G-20 summit. But then, former is old news and latter is no news.

Isn’t it amazing that not writing for so long has made me so rusty? Well, probably not. That’s how I’ve always been, I just realized it today 🙂 And to think that I will restart blogging. What’s today’s date again?

How Black Is Black?

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What I like about Barack Obama is his ability to capture people’s hearts and minds just by talking. The cool headed dude from Chicago certainly has an amazing capacity to reach out and reach out far. Guess what? My mother called me all the way from India today morning, right after Obama’s speech, to tell me how thrilled she was to listen to him. She is completely convinced that the World is going to be a much better place, now that he has taken the reins of the most powerful nation on Earth.

It makes you think, doesn’t it? My mother, sitting in the other part of the World was inspired and thrilled by Obama’s call. Can you imagine the state of affairs here in the United States? Is it the charisma? Is it the energy? or is it just the simplicity? What he has successfully done is to transform the region and the World with the lights of hope. And, that ain’t no easy job.

I am convinced he will be a terrific President. He has the brains and the will to change the country and the World. He has the right people around him. And, last but not the least, he is a very shrewed politician. Did you guys notice how he mentioned about his ‘father’ twice during the inaugural speech? I do not recall any mention of his mother. Just so that we are all on the same ground, he was brought up by his mother’s side of the family and had hardly any contact with his father. Now, that’s what I mean by a shrewed politician. Go figure!

There is still one thing which I fail to understand. Obama grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, in a white family. And somehow he is treated as an ‘African-American’ because of one magical sperm? I am sorry, but his childhood was not in Bronx or Mississippi. To be fair, he is more white than black.

So, really, how black is black?